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Whether you’re a dedicated competitive angler or simply enjoy spending leisurely weekends on the water, the Hobie Saltwater Series invites you to become a part of the kayak community. Through partnerships with our host clubs, Hobie dealers, and local communities, immerse yourself in the world of fishing and experience the countless joys of saltwater angling.

Building upon the global success of Hobie fishing events, we’re excited to reintroduce the Saltwater Series, with a goal to take competitive Kayak Angling to new heights. This inaugural series will collaborate with renowned kayak angling competitions, featuring six events held at premier saltwater fishing destinations across the USA. The journey will culminate with the prestigious Hobie Saltwater Tournament of Champions.

Hobie Saltwater Series 2024
Hobie Saltwater Series 2024


The Hobie Saltwater Series (“HSWS”) consists of regional kayak tournaments hosted by local state clubs and culminating in the end of year championship aka the Hobie Saltwater Tournament of Champions hosted by Hobie.

The series shall consist of qualifying tournaments and the Hobie Saltwater Tournament of Champions (TOC). The top 3 finishers at the HSWS Tournament of Champions (TOC) will qualify for a Hobie Kayak Fishing Worlds Championship berth.

For each qualifying tournament, the top anglers will qualify for the HSWS-TOC.  

For Example

  • 99 or less anglers = 2 qualifiers
  • 100 anglers = 3 qualifiers
  • 150 anglers = 4 qualifiers
  • 200 = 5 qualifiers   


Anglers are allowed to fish as many qualifying events as they like.  The top 100 finishers from each event will be awarded points towards SWS-TOC.  The top finisher will be awarded 100 points, second place will be awarded 99 points, third place will be awarded 98 points and so on.  The angler’s top 3 finishes will count towards their overall score. Anglers must record a score for the event to receive points. 

A total of 70 anglers will qualify for the SWS-TOC.  

The reigning HSWS TOC Champion automatically qualifies for the HSWS TOC the following year. 

Angler of the Year (AOY)

After the winners from the qualifying events have been determined, the remaining spots will be filled based on AOY points accumulated throughout the year at HSWS qualifying events.  In the event of a tie for AOY, the tiebreaker will be the angler who achieves the highest finish during the HSWS event. If it is still tied, it goes to the next event, and so on.

The Hobie Saltwater Series is proudly run in association with